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About Us » Technology Center » About eyeglasses » Do not choose pre-made reading eyeglasses

Do not choose pre-made reading eyeglasses

by ozglasses at 8/17/2009 8:52:38 PM

Nowadays, pre-made reading glasses are available in a lot of fun styles, and they are much cheaper than customized ones, you may own several pairs of pre-made eyeglasses for a small amount of money. But you know these glasses have many drawbacks:

1. The prescription is the same in the two lenses, while most people do not have exactly the same prescription in both eyes;

2. Everyone has their own PD, while the optical center of lenses is not customized for every one;

3. Astigmatism correction, almost we all have at least small amounts of astigmatism correction in our prescriptions.

If you have a pair of premade reading glasses which is too far off from you actual prescription, you may feel eyestrain, headaches, and even nausea after a long period of wearing. So you should pick up your reading eyeglasses at some professional glasses stores. At our shop, you just need to subscribe your detailed prescription to us, and you can get your customized reading glasses in several days!

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