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Lined Bifocals – A Two Way Vision Correction:
The lined bi-focal glasses help oldies and adults who paced to their 40’s with solid eyesight deprivation. This pair provides continual support for reading as well as distance vision. Exhibiting a “D” segment– the lined bi-focal glasses dissect vision into two most common ranges with extra diopters to ensure clarity when zoom in on objects or be far away. The segmented lens has dual focal lengths with top one serving distance and visible “D” that empowers the reading range. The installed dual-vision lens has a standard 28mm or 35mm width that fits majority frames.

How To Measure Your Pupillary Distance:
In most cases, PD value ranges from 57 to 65 mm, with the most common one being 63 mm. At times you will find PD written as 63/61. In such cases, the first value is for Distance PD which may be entered while placing an order and the other value 61 is near PD. Repeat this process a couple of times to ensure you have an accurate measurement. 

Helpful Tips For Lined Bifocal Eyeglasses:
After we originally learn the usage of lined bi-focal glasses and how their dual adjustments empower our vision, we should find a frame having compatibility for lined bi-focal lenses as sizes may differ.

  • The frame should be bifocal friendly
  • The lens-height should be beyond 30mm
  • 20% frames are not liable to become lined bi-focal glasses
  • Select a frame that suits your face cut.

Benefits of Lined Bifocal Glasses:

1. It is no longer required to keep two glasses under our position as lined bi-focal glasses support reading and distance ranges. 
2. The lined bifocal glasses are an ultimate vision solution for people who suffer near-sightedness and farsightedness. 
3. The "D" segment offers precision as it instantly switches our vision from distance to reading.
4. The 60% lens is reserved for distance and 40% for reading, which is an ideal vision proportion.
5. The lined bi-focal glasses can be customized with the top segment empowered with intermediate and the lower one for reading. This solely depends on what opticians recommend.

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