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Included With Every Order: Designer Frame & Standard SV Lens
. Free Case & Cleaning Cloth    . Free Anti-Scratch Coating
. Free 100%UV Ray Protection   . Free Shipping from Second Pair

Is it complicated to order cheap glasses online?

Not at all. Ordering prescription glasses from us can be as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Obtain your prescription from your optician (make sure ask for your Pupil Distance (PD) ).
  2. Select your lense and frame online, and follow the instruction to fill out all the information needed.
  3. Get new prescription glasses delivered to your door.

If you still have questions, our friendly and knowledgeable staffs are always there to help. They can be reached online, via phone or email. For detailed information, please go to the contact section. 

How do I order cheap eyeglasses online?

1. Start at By Men's Glasses, BY Women's Glasses, BY Kids Eyeglasses, SHOP BY BRAND or SHOP BY PRICE in the main toolbar and select the category of your choice.

2. Browse through the eyeglass frame styles by clicking the picture thumbnails. On each item page, select your choice of frame colors. 
There is a virtual fitting system on the right of the page, you can use it to see how the frame look like on people of different gender, age, skin color and face shape.

3. Follow the step by step instruction to customize your eyeglasses lenses: enter your prescription, select lens type, colors, & other options.

4. If you need help click on the questions under each choice to get detailed explanations on each entry.

How can you discount glasses so much?

We are the manufacturer ourselves!

Since we are bringing products from the factory directly to you via the internet, we don't have the additional overhead constraints and expenses that the traditional retailer will have. We have eliminated distributor and wholesaler mark-ups, retail space rent, behind-the-counter employees and warehousing. These savings are passed on to you, the general public.

How is the quality of your discount eyeglasses compare to those sold in a retail store

Our Products are of same if not better quality as those sold in a retail store.

We are the manufacturer of commercial grade optical products for over 20 years. Seeing the need for affordable yet high-quality prescription glasses in the market, we decide to launch this web site to bring ordinary consumers our professional grade products and service.

With our reputation on the line, we pay special attention to quality control during the entire production process. We apply a "Total Quality Control" method through every step of production. The best materials and latest technology is used and every product is mechanically tested and visually inspected  before leaving the factory.

Further, they are packaged in an attractive, durable hard case for protection. We unconditionally guarantee all our frames and lenses to be delivered exactly as they were ordered and free of defects.

What is your warranty policy?

We unconditionally guarantee all our discount frames and lenses to be delivered exactly as they were ordered, free of defects. With our reputation as a leading discount glasses outlet online, we pay special attention to quality control during the entire production process. Coming standard with every pair of discount eyeglasses is our "Total Quality Control." The best materials and latest technology are used and every pair of eyeglasses is mechanically tested and visually inspected by certified technicians before it leaves the factory. We take great pride in maintaining the highest quality standard and the lowest discounted price in the industry.

However, in the unlikely case that you are unsatisfied with your prescription eyeglasses for any reason, please notice us via e-mail or phone within 7 days acquire a RMA number, and return the discount eyeglasses with a copy of your order and hard case and we will refund 50% of the cost of the frame. Because we build each pair of glasses custom for you, shipping, handling, and production costs are not refundable. *shipping and handling are not refundable.

What is your exchange policy?

If you can not see clearly through your new discount glasses or you think the prescription on your lens is not accurate. Please follow the steps below.

  • Contact customer service online, via email, or via phone and let them know the problem within7 days.
  • Fax a copy of your prescription to us.
  • One of our lab specialists will review your prescription and contact you via email or by phone within 2 business days.
  • If it is our mistake, we will process a ONE-TIME replacement at no cost to you (price difference will be charged if the customer would like another frame with a higher value).
  • If it is caused by a reason beyond our control, we will still exchange it with a 50% re-making fee of the original total cost.

If you would like to choose a different style eyeglass frame or if your discount eyeglasses need to be remade for reasons beyond our control, you can exchange for a new pair at 50% of the original cost. Any questions? Feel free to contact us anytime.

(Only one option can be availed, a ONE-TIME replacement OR refund)